Effective on January 1, 2010 in order to maintain their status as a Quality Assurance Designee (QAD), QADs must complete the following professional development requirements:

QADs annually shall complete a two hour RESNET roundtable on current information and complete one of the following activities:

  1. Document 12 hours of attendance at the RESNET Conference or
  2. Complete 12 hours of RESNET pre-approved CEU's (not rater PD), or
  3. Documented field QA reviews minimum of 25 homes

If a QAD pursues option #2, the QAD has the following options (with prior approval from RESNET):

  • Documented attendance at ACI or EBBA Conference
  • Documented attendance at a training or workshop that covers one or more of the following:
  • Review and knowledge of RESNET Standards;
    • QA requirements
      • QA of Raters and Ratings
      • QA of Providers
      • Responsibilities of QA Designee
      • Minimum requirements vs. best practices
      • Writing a realistic and effective quality plan
    • Sampling standard,
    • Meeting RESNET requirements in various Provider models
  • Ethics: how to manage Raters within the Code of Conduct;
    • Understanding RESNET Code of Ethics
    • Applying Code of Ethics to real world situations
    • Distinction between omission and commission
    • Recognizing and eliminating bias
  • Advanced building science;
    • Defining the building envelope in complex structures
    • Advanced diagnostics
    • Advanced energy modeling
  • Critical thinking skills;
    • Evaluating evidence (relevant, credible, and significant)
    • Identifying bias & subjectivity
    • Evaluating and interpreting data, and identifying illogical results
    • Qualitative vs. subjective
    • Root cause analysis
  • Communication skills;
    • Difficult topics (expectations, negative findings, ethical violations)
    • Communicating complex concepts simply
    • Effective use of different modes of communication (written, verbal, email)
    • Report writing
    • De-escalating conflict

To document Option #2, please complete the Verification Form found here: QAD Continuing Education Verification. The verification form must be submitted with the renewal form after courses were first approved by RESNET. Please also attach a certificate of completion, attendance, or receipt of payment.

Not sure if your course(s) qualify for RESNET QAD CEUs and/or need to contact RESNET for prior approval of course(s)? Please email scott@resnet.us with pertinent links, description of the course(s) and how the course(s) fit the criteria listed in Option #2.