HERS® Raters – Cost Effective Opportunity to Improve HERS® Index Scores and Qualify Homes for the 45L Federal Tax Credit

Grading the Installation of HVAC Systems

In the past, certified RESNET HERS® Raters had to rely on the nameplate data of an HVAC system in calculating the efficiency of a home. It is generally understood that in many instances the HVAC system is not installed per the manufacturer’s specification.  This means that far too often the home’s HVAC did not perform as efficiently as the rating indicated.

This has all changed with the adoption by ANSI of the RESNET/ACCA/ICC Standard for Grading the Installation of HVAC Systems. The standard sets a realistic level of the performance of an HVAC system in the reference home and awards the increased performance of a system based upon the inspection and testing of the system by a certified RESNET HERS® Rater.

Grade I installation could reduce HERS® Index Scores by as much as 6 points! (depending on climate zone)

Achieving a Grade I installation is also credited in the qualification of a home for the federal 45L tax credit for energy efficient homes.

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This is a major opportunity for the HERS® Industry

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Standard 310 Training Is Required:

  • For certified RESNET HERS® Raters or Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) who choose to work on ratings that show credit for HVAC grading
  • For Quality Assurance Designees who perform QA reviews on any ratings that show credit for HVAC grading.
  • The required training consists of a four-part series of online self-guided modules (approximately 4.5 hours)
  • Participating Raters and RFIs are required to pass a field practical assessment overseen by a qualified QAD.
  • Visit portal.resnet.us to access training.

ANSI/RESNET/ACCA 310-2020 Standard for Grading the Installation of HVAC Systems

Read full standard at https://www.resnet.us/wp-content/uploads/ANSIRESNETACCA_310-2020_v7.1.pdf