RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board (SAB)


Why a RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board?

Energy-efficient product suppliers play a critical role in improving the energy performance of homes. RESNET sees the industry as a key strategic partner. To give suppliers a voice in RESNET and to benefit from the industry’s perspective, RESNET has created a RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board.

What is the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board?

The purpose of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board is to provide an opportunity for suppliers to better understand RESNET; network with industry partners, customers, and HERS raters; and provide supplier input to the RESNET Board of Directors.

Why Should My Company Join the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board?

The RESNET HERS Rating is product neutral. It is a whole-house energy performance analysis that allows products to compete on a level playing field and hence hasten the introduction of new products into the marketplace.

RESNET HERS Ratings are fast becoming mainstream in the housing market. This is reflected by:

  • Builders use the RESNET HERS Index as a “Miles Per Gallon” consumer education piece on the energy performance of their buildings
  • Over 300 state and local code jurisdictions across the nation have adopted a HERS Index Score option to their energy codes
  • The 2015 and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code incorporate an Energy Rating Index Score option
  • Over 2 million homes have been rated and issued a HERS Index Score

The RESNET HERS rating is driving increased energy performance of homes. In 2020 the average HERS Index Score of homes rated in the U.S. was 58. This represents a 72% increase in the energy efficiency of a standard existing home and a 42% higher energy performance than a home built as recently as 2006. By having your company belong to the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board you will be on the “ground floor” on industry discussions and given a “seat at the table” on the deliberations of the RESNET Board.

What Are the Annual Membership Dues?

The annual membership dues for a supplier are $10,000. RESNET is a 501 (c) 3 public purpose not-for-profit corporation. The RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board membership may be tax-deductible to the company. Please check with your company’s tax advisor.









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