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RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board Benefits

What Are the Specific Benefits for Being a Member of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board?


    1. Representation on the RESNET Board of Directors: The RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board members will elect one of their members (Chairperson) to sit on the RESNET Board for a two-year term. This RESNET Board member will serve as the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board representative on the RESNET Board and be a communications bridge between the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board and the RESNET Board.
    2. Annual Supplier Intelligence Report: RESNET will provide an annual report of data on HERS® Rated Homes from the RESNET National Registry. This report will include a breakdown of aggregate HERS® Rated home data by year, state, zip code, and metropolitan statistical area. A few key data points to be covered in the report, include:
      • Cavity and continuous insulation R-values and installation grade for walls, ceilings, floors and foundation walls,
      • Window U-value and SHGC
      • Duct insulation and duct leakage rate,
      • Envelope leakage rate,
      • Air conditioner and heat pump efficiency,
      • Furnace fuel type and efficiency,Water heater type, capacity, fuel type, efficiency and pipe insulation
      • On-site renewable energy system type and size
      • EnergyStar Certified Homes,
      • DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes
    3. Marketing/Sales Support: One (1) free product marketing email distribution per year to RESNET members and the RESNET Conference attendee distribution list, permissions to use the “RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board” logo on the company’s website, and other marketing material as long as the company is a member of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board in good standing.
    4. Networking/Learning: A two (2) hour RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board meeting will be held at the annual RESNET Conference, with relevant presentations and access to the RESNET Board of Directors.
    5. Industry Education: Opportunities to present relevant industry research and reports on a RESNET-hosted webinar that will be promoted to RESNET’s email distribution list of more than 8,000 home energy rating and building performance professionals.
    6. RESNET Annual Building Performance Conference:
      • Recognition as a Gold Sponsor ($7,500+ value)
      • Complimentary expo space (a $2,200 value)
      • Complimentary full conference/expo badges to the RESNET Conference for company employee use;
      • Member companies will be able to upgrade their conference sponsorship recognition level to the Platinum Sponsor level for an additional $10,000. The RESNET Conference Premier Sponsor is the superior conference sponsorship normally at a price of $20,000. This category offers premier recognition and other high-value items.