RESNET HERS® Modeler Certification


In 2020, the RESNET Board of Directors voted for the creation of a new RESNET HERS® Rater modeling designation.

What is the Role of a HERS® Modeler?

The goal of the new designation is to increase the consistency in the input in HERS® Ratings through training and certification of persons who conduct the modeling and analysis using accredited HERS® Software Tools.


Upon certification, HERS® Modeler candidates would be issued a unique RESNET Modeler ID. This certification can be used for single or multiple HERS® Software Tools.

The certification is similar to the current Rating Field Inspector certification for field inspection and testing. Persons certified as HERS® Modelers would be posted on the RESNET Registry as is currently done for Rating Field Inspectors.


Becoming a HERS® Modeler

Formal training is required. The training will be conducted by accredited Rater Training Providers, based on a core curriculum developed by RESNET staff. The training includes a module specific to the software program for which the student is seeking certification. The student must complete full training once and the software-specific module for each software program they use.

Continuing education will be required to maintain the certification. The continuing education will be offered by the accredited HERS® Rating Training Providers. The HERS® Modeler must take continuing education for each HERS® Software Tool for which they wish to maintain certification, for a minimum of three hours and cover one or more of these topics:

  • Software Revisions
  • Upcoming software changes/improvements
  • Tips & tricks
  • Advanced (power) user methods

For more information, go to MINHERS Addendum 68 HERS Modeler Professional Development Course Requirements (link to

Certified RESNET HERS® Raters, having taken inputs and plan reviews as part of RESNET HERS® Rater Training, will automatically receive the new certification without any additional fees. HERS® Raters would have to meet the continuing education requirements.

Download the infographic here.