RESNET HERS Modeler Certification


In 2020, the RESNET Board of Directors voted for the creation of a new RESNET HERS Rater modeling designation.

What is the Role of a HERS Modeler?

The goal of the new designation is to increase the consistency in the input in HERS Ratings through training and certification of persons who conduct the modeling and analysis using accredited HERS Software Tools.


Upon certification, HERS Modeler candidates would be issued a unique RESNET Modeler ID. This certification can be used for single or multiple HERS Software Tools.

The certification is similar to the current Rating Field Inspector certification for field inspection and testing. Persons certified as HERS Modelers would be posted on the RESNET Registry as is currently done for Rating Field Inspectors.


Becoming a HERS Modeler

Formal training is required. The training will be conducted by accredited Rater Training Providers, based on a core curriculum developed by RESNET staff. The training includes a module specific to the software program for which the student is seeking certification. The student must complete full training once and the software-specific module for each software program they use.

Continuing education will be required to maintain the certification. The continuing education will be offered by the accredited HERS Rating Software Program developers. The HERS Modeler must take continuing education for each HERS Software Tool for which they wish to maintain certification.

Certified RESNET HERS Raters, having taken inputs and plan reviews as part of RESNET HERS Rater Training, will automatically receive the new certification without any additional fees. HERS Raters would have to meet the continuing education requirements.

Download the infographic here.