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The HERS® Index: The Key to Unlocking the Value of Green Homes

RESNET and the Appraisal Institute have entered into a partnership to foster the recognition of high energy performance homes in the real estate appraisal of a home.

A key feature of the partnership is the development of a portal to provide access to residential real estate appraisers access to data about a home HERS® Index score.

The information that will be available to appraisers includes:

  • The HERS® Index Score of the home
  • The date the home was HERS® rated
  • The HERS® Rating company
  • The name of the builder
  • The year that the home was built

Appraisers will also be able to pull the data to search for homes in a market within a range of HERS® Index Scores to enable them to make market based comparable analysis.

Another key element of the partnership will to be to educate appraisers on the value of high energy performance homes and how to use a home’s HERS® Index Score to making such a determination.

RESNET has produced a video program to inform appraisers on the HERS® Index Score and the new tool that has been produced for appraisers.

In the program, Jim Amorin, the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Immediate Past President of the Appraisal Institute, is quoted, “The Appraisal Institute sees RESNET as the gold standard for measuring and communicating the energy performance of a home.”

Also, if you missed our recent webinar on “Appraising Energy Efficient Homes Using RESNET’s Appraiser Portal” with Sandra Adomatis, or would like to listen again, please visit https://vimeo.com/434010596 to download the recording. You can access the PowerPoint presentation here.