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Oct 9, 2019

With the increase in the demand for HERS Ratings builders are increasingly requesting suppliers to relate what contribution the product would have on their homes’ HERS Index score. Suppliers were seeking a way for their staff to be able to answer the question without the time and expense of their staff going through the full HERS Rater training.

To meet this need RESNET has created a new designation the RESNET HERS Associate.  This new RESNET certificate level designation is essential for anyone needing a working understanding of RESNET and HERS for uses other than conducting ratings.

The HERS Associate is targeted for supplier employees, but is also applicable to, architects, engineers, code officials, builders, trade sub-contractors, appraisers, or advocacy groups.

Available RESNET HERS Associate Courses

Click here to view the list of organizations approved to offer the HERS Associate Course


Information on Applying to Offer RESNET HERS Associate Courses 

The Training and Certification Committee of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board developed learning objectives that must be met for an individual to earn the RESNET HERS Associate Certificate.

To become a RESNET HERS Associate an individual must complete a RESNET approved training course that is designed to meet the following learning objectives.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for a certificate course for the RESNET HERS Associate would be:

  • Introduction of course, RESNET and the HERS Index
  • Guiding principles used by HERS Raters to rate a home and produce a HERS Index Score
  • Relate the principles of building science as they apply to HERS
  • Inspection and testing protocols used in rating a home
  • Computer modeling and the methodology to produce a HERS Index
  • HERS Scores and the IECC

Training Course

Being able to offer the RESNET HERS Associate training is open any partner or stakeholder organization or RESNET Training Provider.

Those interested in offering this course will need to submit a course description and curriculum to RESNET for approval. The curriculum will have to meet the above Learning Objectives and include a final teacher based test.

Course format can be self-paced, webinar or workshop.

Course application fee:  $100.00

To submit a HERS Associate course for approval go to:


What to Submit:

  • A completed application form
  • A detailed course description that demonstrates how the Learning Objectives will be achieved.

Allow 10 working days for review.