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RESNET Committees

To better achieve its goal of setting the standards for quality, the RESNET Board of Directors has established standing committees. Each committee’s purpose is to provide the RESNET Board with policy, implementation, and technical guidance.

To be considered to be a member of any of these committees, subcommittees or working groups click here. To learn more about what each committee does, click below to see a list of members, what standard(s) they oversee, and their current projects.

The standing committees are:

Financial Audit Committee

Accreditation Committee

Ethics and Appeals Committee

Software Consistency Committee

Standards Management Board

Standards Development Committee 200 – Education, Training, and Certification

Standards Development Committee 300 – Inspections, Testing, and Calculations of Energy Ratings

Standards Development Committee 900 – QA and Sampling Standards

Standards Development Committee 1100 – Water Rating Index

Standards Development Committee 1400 – Water and Energy Remote Virtual Inspections

Standards Development Committee 1500 – Embodied Carbon