Standards Development Committee 1600

The RESNET® Standards Development Committee (SDC) 1600 – Calculating CO2e Emissions Based on Metered Date for Ratings is responsible for proposed Standard RESNET/ICC 1550 to provide a standardized method to calculating CO2e emissions based on metered data.  Committee members are:

SDC 1600 Members

Chair: David Goldstein, David B. Goldstein and Associates, Inc.

Vice Chair:  Anna Kelly, North American Strategic Energy Management Collaborative


Jonathan Arnold, Arnold Development Group

Michael Browne, Advanced Building Analysis, LLC

Steve Byers, EnergyLogic

Philip Fairey, FSEC

Asa Foss, US Environmental Protection Agency

Leo Jansen, Energy Efficient Homes Midwest

Brendan O’Brien, American Gas Association

Roland Risser, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Power, US Department of Energy

Craig Sinnamon, Power TakeOff