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Emerging Leadership Council (ELC)


In 2016, the RESNET Executive Committee created the Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) to help recruit, mentor, and motivate the future leaders of RESNET and the home-building performance industry.  For those interested in being a part of this dynamic group, there are various ways to get involved!

Membership in the ELC is open to any member of RESNET or organization with an MOU with RESNET (i.e. HPIP, EEBA, etc.), regardless of age or experience level. Focused on connecting people “young to the industry” (not necessarily “young professionals”) to network and get involved to make the industry better.

The council has organized the group’s efforts along three major themes, which align with the group’s charter approved by the RESNET Board of Directors.

  1. Recruitment and retention of HERS® professionals – Exploring ways to encourage anyone interested to see the potential earnings and success as a HERS® professional and creating content to help existing professionals succeed in the building science industry
  2. ELC membership opportunities – With a focus on networking within RESNET; working to plan, organize and implement signature ELC events and activities, including virtual and in-person Volunteer Events during the RESNET Building Performance Conference and social events.
  3. Contributing to RESNET standards development process- The standards working group examines and discusses possible changes to the RESNET standards year-round and collaborates to troubleshoot common challenges and propose solutions utilizing RESNET’s existing standards development process.

The ELC meets via phone monthly to discuss updates on the various initiatives each Task Group is working on. In 2019, the ELC unanimously voted to enact a new Task Group Policy, which requires that every member of the ELC be involved in at least one active Task Group to be considered for membership.  As of today, there are five active Task Groups focused on a variety of areas:


RESNET ELC Chair Dylan Tindall, Building Efficiency Resources


Please complete the form below if you are interested in joining the ELC, or would like more information.


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RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC)

Annual Membership Agreement


Thank you for your Active Membership with the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC), which includes important responsibilities. All of our members are vital to our accomplishments each year.  Please complete this annual membership agreement and sign it to indicate your willingness to participate fully in your membership with the RESNET ELC.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Dylan Tindall: dtindall222@gmail.com

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