ELC Members

Dylan Tindall, Chair

Quality Control | 15 Lightyears

Years in the building performance industry: 7

Bio: Florida native with a love for doing the right thing and making the world a better place for all. Being as accurate and as honest as possible is something I strive to do in every aspect of my life. I have a BS in Engineering Technology specialized in Sustainable Design.  My position at 15 lightyears is Quality Control. This involves ensuring our technicians in the field are doing their jobs properly as well as holding builders accountable for fixing issues discovered during inspections. I also oversee all energy modeling and registrations at 15 lightyears.

What does your workspace look like?

A small desk with a laptop and a second monitor and a work van with a full set of testing equipment

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at your company?

I created our modeling methodology for Ekotrope from scratch along with how we keep track of projects over time. I have also significantly improved the accuracy of our work since moving into Quality Control.

Leo Jansen, Immediate Past Chair

Vice President / Primary QAD | Energy Efficient Homes Midwest, Inc.

Years in the building performance industry: 2

Task Group: ELC Video Competition, ELC RESNET Conference Sessions, ELC Fellows 2020 Program, Standards Working Group, Existing Rater / Retention Content TG

Bio: Leo serves as the Primary Quality Assurance Delegate (QAD) for Energy Efficient Homes Midwest, Inc., one of the largest 3rd Party QA Providers within the RESNET Network, providing Quality Assurance services for HERS® Raters across seven States. A second-generation employee of EEHM, Leo began his career following a different path in the United States Army, where he served as a Transportation Officer in the 101st Airborne Division, deploying his unit twice to  Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After the military, he worked as a Manufacturing Supervisor and then as an Account Manager for an international freight forwarder, where he earned his U.S. Customs Brokerage License. He joined the family business after learning more about building science and energy efficiency and the exciting opportunities the industry holds. He has jumped with both feet forward into the industry, earning his RESNET QAD and IECC Plans/Examiner certifications. He currently serves as the Chair for the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC), the Chair for the Equipment Subcommittee for SDC300, and as a Task Group member on the Standards Integration Task Group within the Enclosures Subcommittee for SDC 300. Leo brings a wide set of experiences, an analytical mindset and a process driven approach to the building science and energy efficiency industry that he hopes will help bring these concepts into new markets and business opportunities for all members of the building and rating industries.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would like to continue to learn the skill of mindfulness.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

On my second deployment, I once had to hook up a 20’ container for a sling load mission. I basically had to sit on top of this container while a CH-47 Chinook hovered about 5’ above the container and then hook the slings to the helicopter without becoming the middle part of a metal sandwich.

Andre Eble

Green Certifications Manager | Green Coast Enterprises

Years in the Industry: 5

Certifications Held: ESCH, ESMF, FORTIFIED Evaluator

Skills to contribute to the ELC Mission: Social skills in recruitment and training in a new market for HERS Raters (Louisiana).

Corey Woods

Rating Field Inspector/Energy Modeler | Creative Rebuilding Co.

Years in the Industry: 3

Certifications Held: HERS Rater and RFI

Skills to Contribute to the ELC Mission: Working with others to build within the energy community, goal to make things better from within.

David McCrimmon

Field Rater | Southern Energy Management

Years in the Industry: 2

Certifications Held: EnergyStar, NGBS 2020, NGBS 2015, RESNET Std. 310, RFI

Skills to Contribute to the ELC Mission: Experience in the field administering a multitude of inspection types.


Stefan Adebajo

Energy Analyst | PEG, LLC

Years in the Industry: 2

Certifications Held: NGBS, HERS Modeler

Skills to Contribute to the ELC Mission: New ideas and projects to work on.


Alex Guerrieri

Sustainability Consultant | Steven Winter Associates

Years in the Industry: 6

Certifications Held: HERS Rater, 2012, 2015, 2020 NGBS Green Verifier

Desired Focus Area: Rater Retention and Recruitment.

Karla Butterfield

Sustainability Director | Steven Winter Associates

Years in the Industry: 16

Certifications Held: LEED AP, LEED Green Rater, ES MFNC Verifier, PHIUS Verifier & Rater, NGBS Verifier

Skills to Contribute to the ELC Mission: Field and file experience.

Abigail Eipert

RFI, ACCA/RESNET HVAC Assessor for EnergyStar, Level 1 Thermographer | Bremen Energy Auditors, LLC

Years in the Industry: 2

Certifications Held: RFI, Level 1 Thermographer, Certified in HVAC Grading

Skills to Contribute to the ELC Mission: Deep knowledge of RESNET’s testing standards and of building science as a whole.  Additionally, the understanding of the practical application of those standards.