2023 ELC Fellows

Created in October 2018, the fellowship offers today’s up-and-coming HERS® industry professionals, who are passionate about HERS® and energy performance, the chance to attend the 2023 RESNET® Conference. The 2023 Fellows are also now members of the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council. In 2016, the RESNET Board of Directors established the Emerging Leadership Council to recruit and engage the next generation of leaders for the organization and the rating industry.

Please join us in congratulating the 2023 RESNET Emerging Leader Fellows.

Julie Christesen

ES Green & Co LLC, Florida (HERS® Rater)

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In our market, we work on a variety of homes. They range in price from upwards of $5 million dollars, to market rate housing, to affordable housing, to Habitat homes, to disaster recovery homes provided for free by the government to those living below the poverty level. I love that we provide the same level of service to everyone – from the wealthiest second (third? fourth? time) homeowners to those who are just happy to have a place to call home. The impact to those who received a home from Habitat or a disaster recovery rebuild program is huge – they aren’t just getting a home; they’re getting a home that comes with bills. And guiding those programs through energy efficient building practices, including energy efficient lights and appliances, has a huge impact on their lives, what they can afford beyond their utility bills, and their quality of life. Not to mention, their houses will be safer for the next disaster.

Julian Pugh

ARCXIS, Texas (HERS® Rating Field Inspector)

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I entered the world of residential energy rather late in life. I spent most of my 25-year work history as a teacher. I have worked for the last two years for a home inspection company. In that time, I have dedicated myself to learning everything I can about construction science and residential energy conservation. After 18 months on the job, I was promoted to Area Manager of San Antonio, Texas in April 2023. I would love to see myself as either a Division Manager overseeing multiple cities or possibly a trainer for our company where I could travel across the country to our various divisions and train inspectors, managers, and our trade partners. I am a very experienced teacher. I KNOW how to share knowledge. Now I just need to have someone share it with me [at the RESNET Conference] so that I can take it back home and pass it on.

Michael Frank Sollitto III

Building Performance Consultants, Inc., Florida (HERS® Rating Field Inspector)

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During the next five years of my career, I will become certified as a HERS® Rater and begin to work on developing my management skills – eventually, overseeing RFIs in the field and working on project management. I will continue my education by adding additional certifications to my RESNET® credential, such as Energy Star multifamily. I want to continue to add to my building science knowledge through repetition in the field and by seeing a large volume of homes. In the area of high-performance materials and components, I would like to continue to learn about incorporating technological advances into energy-efficient design. I would also like to expand my understanding of building diagnostics, to help identify why issues with building systems occur and why some buildings have trouble functioning as designed. I have a great interest in HVAC – everything from system design and operation to ventilation. A strong HVAC background is an invaluable asset to a HERS® Rater. Most important of all, however, I want to become a part of the next generation of HERS® Raters that will help move the industry forward in the next few decades.

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