New Texas Law Recognizes HERS Ratings® for Energy Code Compliance


Builders Using the HERS Index for Statewide Energy Code Compliance

Texas House Bill (HB) 3215 updated the state’s universal energy code compliance pathway to allow builders to use the HERS Index for energy code compliance across the state, in lieu of the state energy code or any stretch code adopted by municipalities.

This represents a new statewide opportunity for builders and their HERS Rating partners to comply with the Texas Energy Code using the HERS Index.


Texas House Bill 3215

Frequently Asked Questions about HB 3215

Webinar: What HB3215 Means for Texas Building Professionals


RESNET hosted a webinar with Dallas Builders Association Executive Officer Phil Crone, Texas Association of Builders Regulatory Affairs Vice President Ned Muñoz, and Fox Energy Specialists Chief Operating Officer James Rodriguez on how this new legislation makes it easier for builders to use the RESNET HERS Index for energy code compliance in Texas, and how other states can look to this legislative model, moving forward.

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Texas HB 3215 & HERS Raters Energy Code Compliance Leadership Forum

Austin, TX | October 13-14, 2022

If you see the potential of Texas HB 3215 and its opportunities for energy code compliance, then the Texas HB 3215 & HERS Raters Energy Code Compliance Leadership Forum in Austin, TX is for you. Discussion and education at this event will focus on code compliance, how it will impact the home industry, and how efforts can be made to scale this opportunity nationally.

From connecting with the brightest minds to challenging ourselves to think about the future – the Texas HB 3215 & HERS Raters Energy Code Compliance Leadership Forum is the place to be. The Forum offers:

  • Countless opportunities to connect – whether during a reception, coffee chat, or beyond
  • Ground-breaking keynotes and general sessions
  • Engaging roundtables and breakouts to foster community and new ideas
  •  .. and more.

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