New RESNET and JobstoBuild Career Platform

RESNET and the Building Talent Foundation (BTF) are collaborating to promote Home Energy Ratings System (HERS®) careers, connect job-seekers with employers in the sector, and improve engagement and retention.

Now, together we have launched a RESNET jobs page, specifically for HERS®-related job openings at

Available at no cost to RESNET Providers, Rating Companies, builders, and other stakeholders:

  • Priority job listings, to promote open HERS®-related jobs, and connect with qualified candidates.
  • Work with BTF’s Engagement Managers, experienced career coaches, who will help identify your exact hiring needs, requirements, and training.
    • Engagement Managers partner with local training programs, and community organizations to recruit individuals looking to join the industry and those who are moving from other positions in construction.
    • Engagement Managers pre-screen recruits and select those job candidates that best match your needs and present them to you.

With the growth in the demand for HERS® Index ratings, RESNET needs a steady flow of professionals entering the industry as Quality Assurance Designees, HERS® Raters, Rating Field Inspectors, and Energy Modelers. RESNET and BTF are working together to promote HERS® Raters designation to BTF’s education and recruiting partners. BTF will add career path and education information to the career exploration section of and will promote HERS® careers directly through their student and employer networks.