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RESNET and BTF Collaborate to Promote HERS® Career Opportunities

Nov 9, 2022 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


The Residential Energy Network, Inc. (RESNET) and the Building Talent Foundation (BTF) announced a new collaboration to promote Home Energy Ratings System (HERS) careers, connect job-seekers with employers in the sector, and improve engagement and retention.

A key component of the collaboration will be a RESNET-branded landing page on JobsToBuild.com, BTF’s career platform. Through this branded landing page, RESNET providers and ratings companies will have no-cost access and priority job listings on the platform, allowing them to promote HERS® careers and connect with qualified candidates. BTF’s team of experienced Engagement Managers will provide additional support, guiding job-seekers and helping them understand the opportunities in the many possible opportunities in the sector.

Through the collaboration, BTF and RESNET will also work together to promote HERS® Raters designation to BTF’s education and recruiting partners. BTF will add career path and education information to the career exploration section of JobsToBuild.com and will promote HERS® careers directly through their student and employer networks.

All of these services will be available at no cost to RESNET’s members.

“Knowing how talent shortages are impacting homebuilding and the need for HERS® workforce development, we are thrilled to work with the Building Talent Foundation to promote the home energy rating profession and career opportunities to its network of potential job-seekers,” said Steve Baden, Executive Director of RESNET. “Having priority job listings via their JobstoBuild.com platform will allow RESNET providers and rating companies to post their open positions to reach more prospective employees and encourage new people to join the industry.”

“Home energy rating professionals are needed more than ever, as the homebuilding industry strives for improved environmental and social sustainability,” said Branka Minic, CEO of BTF. “RESNET and Building Talent Foundation are committed to working together to strengthen the talent pipeline into the sector, and to support sector employers as they grow their businesses.”

Visit www.resnet.us in the coming weeks for more details.