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What is The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)?

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The Residential Energy Services Network or RESNET is a not-for-profit, membership corporation that is governed by a board of directors (who are elected by membership).

In April 1995, the National Association of State Energy Officials and Energy Rated Homes of America founded the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) to develop a national market for home energy rating systems and energy efficient mortgages.

RESNET is a recognized national standards-making body for building energy efficiency rating and certification systems in the United States involving:

  • A consensus based standard development and amendment process
  • Transparent review and adoption process
  • Formal public review and comment process

RESNET created and maintains

  • The HERS Index to allow for easy comparison of energy performance of homes
  • The HERS H20 rating to compare indoor and outdoor water usage of homes
  • National training and certification and quality assurance standards for Home Energy Raters
  • Two American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards supporting energy and water efficiency in homes
  • Four Standard Development Committees

RESNET’s Mission

To make the energy use of all homes transparent, thereby driving residential sector energy use toward net zero.

RESNET Essential Activities

Goals to Achieve Our Mission

  • Lead the path to net zero
  • Maintain and enhance credibility of energy homes. RESNET’s energy performance, energy code compliance, water efficiency, and carbon reduction activities though comprehensive quality assurance oversight.
  • Enhance RESNET and HERS Raters recognition as the Gold standard for testing, measuring, and labeling home performance
  • Grow business development opportunities
  • Enhance existing and build new collaborations with allied groups leading to better building performance and reduced carbon emissions
  • Increase the percentage of new homes that receive a HERS Rating.
  • Increase the consistency of HERS software programs.
  • Maximize the value that RESNET provides its members by understanding their needs, goals, and pain points and planning adjustments as necessary.
  • Facilitate inclusion of energy, water, and carbon performance in to mortgage financing and real estate appraisals.

2022 RESNET Priorities

  • Maintain and enhance the RESNET National Registry as a tool for quality assurance, data for publicly traded housing industry’s corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, research and the monetizing of data.
  • Enhance recognition of RESNET’s Standards as the “Gold Standard” for inspecting, testing, and labeling a home’s energy, water, and carbon performance.
  • Maintain the credibility of RESNET’s Ratings & HERS Raters accuracy and consistency through quality assurance oversight.
  • Introduce new business opportunities for RESNET professionals.
  • Grow the demand for HERS Raters’ services through collaborations, communications, and advocacy.
  • Continue to support the RESNET Software Consistency Committee.
  • Develop a field manual for HERS Raters, RFIs, and QAD’s as a tool that allows them to easily and effectively understand RESNET’s technical standards.
  • Foster energy efficient affordable housing through a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity International.
  • Position HERS Raters as the preferred “go-to source” for verification of IECC compliance for code officials and builders.
  • Maintain the RESNET website- the primary form of communication between RESNET and its stakeholders.
  • Improve water efficiency of homes via the RESNET water efficiency standard & HERS H2O Program.
  • Build cohesion in the HERS Industry through the annual RESNET Building Performance Conference.
  • Promote the use of HERS Index scores for publicly traded builders’ ESG accounting and reporting.
  • Create a Carbon Rating Index to be reported as part of the HERS certification report.
  • Maintain RESNET financial & management integrity and sustainability.