RESNET Previous ELC Fellows

2020 ELC Fellows

Aaron Hope

Southern Energy Management – Raleigh, NC


How do you think you will have the most impact in your chosen field?

I am so excited about the future of our industry. In addition to joining Southern Energy Management as a field inspector, I’ve also connected with local industry partners like North Carolina Building Performance Association (NCBPA) and the North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light (NCIPL). Through these partnerships, I’ve been able to participate two years in a row with both NCBPA’s and NCIPL’s advocacy days. On each advocacy day, we had the opportunity to visit our state Legislative building in downtown Raleigh and meet with state lawmakers to advocate for the “energy-efficiency first” policy. Through these efforts, we have seen several energy bills that were not good for energy efficiency defeated. We have also endorsed several bills that are currently in committee and look promising. Our state implemented a new energy code in 2018 and a lot of our priorities made it through the process and became law. There is still a lot of work to be done in North Carolina. We want to see an “energy seat” added to the state utility commission and the authorization of PACE in North Carolina so that home and business owners will have more options for energy efficiency projects. My goal is to lead the change towards energy efficiency in the southeast and beyond.

For more information click on Aaron Hope video

Rachel LaMantia

EnergyLogic – Berthoud, CO


How do you think you will have the most impact in the field?

As a student at the University of Arizona, I helped to shape a strong United States Green Building Council (USGBC) student chapter that worked on the USGBC’s ADVANCE Pilot Program in Tucson, Arizona, along with Architecture 2030 to plan for a 2030 District in downtown Tucson. I was elected as the LEED Tour Coordinator and was asked to be the graduate student teacher for the Sustainable Design and LEED initiative class where I gave lectures on eQuest, and energy modelling software and the LEED V4 manual. Upon graduation I went on to achieve my LEED Green Associate. I would like to continue to expand my knowledge on green building and integrate collaboration with green building programs, such as Passive House, LEED for Homes, Energy Star, etc. and green building organizations such as USGBC into my current work. I would also like to one-day apply the work I do with EnergyLogic to homes for low-income, underprivileged communities, ensuring efficient, healthy and resilient homes for everybody, making it a way of life, and not simply a luxury for those who can afford it.

For more information click on Rachel LaMantia video

Manon Shankle

Viridiant – Richmond, VA


Why would you like to attend the RESNET Conference?

Attending the 2020 conference would support my long-term education and professional goals. It’s an important networking opportunity. I can consume blog posts and other informational content produced by RESNET and other industry leaders, but the conference represents a whole new level of value that can only be obtained through an immersive educational experience. The 2020 conference is my last opportunity to earn the continuing education credits necessary to maintain my HERS Rater certification. As a young professional working at a nonprofit, unfortunately, I have not been able to afford to attend. My coworkers that have attended in the past always return with renewed excitement and I hope to experience that same drive to implement solutions presented at the conference.

For more information click on Manon Shankle video