2021 Winners

Drew Lynch

Drew is a HERS Rater and the founder of Modern Home Optimization located in Wichita, Kansas, where he works as an electrical engineer and strives to help home owners improve their home’s energy efficiency.  Drew is a Veteran from the United States Army Reserve, who discovered his passion for building science after completing his college thesis on how to upgrade a 1950s era home net zero efficiency without spending any additional money other than what would normally have gone to utilities.

Stewart Soleman

Stewart is a Rating Field Inspector at Quality Built, a RESNET Rating Providership.  Stewart also discovered a passion for building science in college, and spent time working for a Solar manufacturer and then a local non-profit assisting with weatherization projects before moving to Quality Built.  Stewart likes to live close to the outdoors, so he chose Salt Lake City, Utah to settle where when he is not rating homes can be found out skiing, climbing, and mountain biking.

Previous Fellow Winners

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