2022 ELC Fellows

Created in October 2018, the fellowship offers today’s up-and-coming HERS® industry professionals, who are passionate about HERS® and energy performance, the chance to attend the 2022 RESNET Virtual Building Performance Conference. The 2022 Fellows are also now members of the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council. In 2016, the RESNET Board of Directors established the Emerging Leadership Council to recruit and engage the next generation of leaders for the organization and the rating industry.

Please join us in congratulating the 2022 RESNET Emerging Leader Fellows.

Matthew Jansing

Sol design + consulting in Ohio (HERS® Rater)

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In my mind, there is an immediate importance as well as an ongoing importance in building energy efficient homes. The immediate importance in building energy efficient homes would be the existential need to lower carbon emissions to fight climate change and offer a better quality of life to all income levels. The more ongoing importance would be to slowly change the cultural mindset by showing construction professionals the positive impacts of continuous innovation and by showing realtors, homebuyers, and the mortgage industry a new standard by which to measure the value of a home. It is not within my power as an individual to halt global CO2 emissions or equitably house every person that is below the poverty line. But what I can do is create a ripple effect throughout the building industry by helping my clients well enough that they think each new step forward is worthwhile and as easy as the last. In doing so, energy efficient construction should eventually become the norm, and a culture of continuous improvement is cultivated.

Jared Kain-Woods

Power House Energy Consulting, Massachusetts (HERS® Rater)

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While I found my own interests within the chosen paths I took, one thing that always shocked me was the separation of those who were being active on the solution side and those who were more passively acting at the consumer level. An example being while the state of Massachusetts has a series of energy guidelines and codes, the people at large who are following these codes don’t know why they are following it. I’ve heard too many times “Why am I building a tight house only to vent out warm air?”. Whether it’s builder or homeowner I have been trying to initiate conversations and share my passions of the why. I hope to continue to do this to close the gap and blur the lines between rater and builder/owner and encourage the why so that when the question of building green comes up it’s why not?

Noah Lawrence

Building Efficiency Resources LLC, North Carolina (HERS® Rater)

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Personally, I think that the most significant reason to build with energy efficiency in mind is the environmental benefit of reducing energy usage. Too many people are focused simply on converting our energy infrastructure to renewable energy, when the cleanest kilowatt-hour is the one that you don’t have to produce. From an economic perspective, reducing the amount of money that must be spent with massive utilities allows homeowners to save or spend that money in their local communities. Building a home is also a very large investment that will almost certainly outlive those who make the investment, building in the most efficient and responsible way possible ensures that the next generation inherits a more sustainable society.

Erin Doll

Johnson Environmental LLC, South Dakota (HERS® Rating Field Inspector)     

Energy efficient homes will require less energy, which will in turn be reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted. I think I can have the most impact in the field by helping builders make better choices during construction in order to build tighter units so they will be more energy efficient. I hope to use what I learn at the RESNET conference to encourage and enlighten builders about how important it is to construct energy efficient buildings.

Ryan Goss

Midwest Energy Consultants, Kansas (HERS® Rating Field Inspector)

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I want to learn from and meet other people from the field. I’ve met so many great people involved with RESNET and HERS® ratings that have so much knowledge to pass on. I think one of our greatest strengths is talking to one another and learning. As the younger professionals are developing and training to one day take the reigns, our most valuable resource is knowledge and information.

I want to take what I learn and empower others; my coworkers, builders, and homeowners. With what I learn I hope to find new understandings I can take with me into the field so I can make a bigger impact on the people I meet and talk to every day.

Corey Woods

Creative Rebuilding Co, Texas (HERS® Rating Field Inspector) 

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We are not stick building anymore, were building houses to perform and be as efficient as possible. I find it not only benefits homeowners but also makes for a greener world. Everyone benefits when it comes to sustainability.

I would like to show builders the benefits the benefits of energy star building, the tax credits and the comfort it brings to homeowners. I also would like to see change in the industry in HVAC because I feel like that is one area that hasn’t been improved enough over the years. It’s were i see the most problems in the field.

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