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ELC Member Annual Membership Agreement

RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC)

Annual Membership Agreement

April 2023 – April 2024

Thank you for your Active Membership with the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC), which includes important responsibilities.  All of our members are vital to our accomplishments each year.  Please complete this annual membership agreement and sign it to indicate your willingness to participate fully in your membership with the RESNET ELC.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Dylan Tindall at dtindall@15lightyears.com

2023 ELC Member Agreement Form
Desired ELC Task Groups *
If you are already a member of a Task Group, please select that if you want to continue to serve on that Task Group. If you want to change or add a Task Group, you may do so at this time.
Agree to Terms below* *

*As an Active Member of RESNET ELC, I agree to adhere to the best of my ability to the following:

  1. Commit to learning and supporting the mission and vision of RESNET and the RESNET ELC.
  2. Represent the RESNET ELC positively within your company and amongst your networks.
  3. Agree to adhere to the RESNET ELC Task Group Policy as defined in the latest version of the ELC Charter and/or By-Laws.
  4. If you are a RESNET member, you must be in good standing with the organization.
  5. Disclose any conflict of interest that may arise through ELC.