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ELC Standards Working Group

In line with the efforts of the ELC to cultivate leaders within the RESNET Community, the ELC has created the ELC Standards Working Group. Comprised of members from HVAC 310, Rater Retention and Recruitment, and WIRE Working Groups, the ELC Standards Working Group serves as a guiding force and point of oversight in their decision-making processes.

The scope of this Working Group is as follows:

  • Serving as an option in the standards process when a new change is proposed by the network. Each month, the group would work on the change proposed to a standard as requests come.
  • Receiving and advising on interpretation requests as needed.
  • Acting as a starting point to those new to the process, who will then be able to assist in formal standards development committees in the future.

Are you interested in joining or learning more? Do you have a comment or question? Please fill out the forms below!

Standards Working Group Interest Form

Standards Working Group Interest Form

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ELC Standards Working Group Request Form

ELC Standards Working Group Request Form


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