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RESNET Launches New HERS® Affiliate Designation

Aug 14, 2019

RESNET has launched a new designation, the “HERS® Affiliate”.

The purpose of the new designation is to provide product supplier representatives and sales staff, contractors and builders with an understanding of how RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) works.

The new HERS® Affiliate designation is the brainchild of RESNET’s Suppliers Advisory Board (SAB) and is designed to be a less intensive course than the HERS® Associate.

In order to receive the designation, one must successfully complete the RESNET online training.

The course is free to all RESNET SAB members, but there will be a $50 charge for all others wishing to take the course. The course is less than two hours in length and consists of the following 9 modules:

• RESNET and the HERS® Index
• HERS® Raters and RFIs
• Why Builders Should Get their Homes Rated
• HERS® Rater Training and Quality Assurance
• Conducting a Home Energy Rating
• Basics of Building Science
• Building Components
• HERS® and Energy Codes
• HERS® in Green Building Programs

There is a short exam at the end of the 9 modules. Successful completion of the training will result in a designation of HERS® Affiliate.

The HERS® Affiliate is the first course to be loaded into RESNET’s new online training portal. Once you register an account you will have access to the HERS® Affiliate and all other courses that get loaded into the portal. Sign-up for the training portal here: https://portal.resnet.us/

Energy efficient product suppliers play a critical role in improving the energy performance of homes. RESNET sees the industry as a key strategic partner. To give suppliers a voice in RESNET and to benefit from the industry’s perspective, RESNET created a Suppliers Advisory Board. The purpose of the SAB is to provide an opportunity for suppliers to better understand RESNET; network with HERS® raters, and to provide supplier input to the RESNET Board of Directors.