Rater Trainer Professional Development Requirements

Effective on January 1, 2010 in order to maintain their status as a rater trainer, trainers must complete the following professional development requirements:

Rater Trainers annually shall complete a two hour RESNET roundtable on current information and complete one of the following activities:

  1. Document 12 hours of attendance at the RESNET Conference or
  2. Complete 12 hours of RESNET pre-approved CEU's (not rater PD), or
  3. Instruct a minimum of 36 hours of RESNET Certification or Professional Development per year

If a rater trainer pursues #2, the trainer has the following options:

  • Documented attendance at ACI or EBBA Conference
  • Documented attendance at a training or workshop that covers one or more of the following:
  1. How to rapidly build expertise
    • How to develop and execute a training plan
    • How to deliver effective presentations
    • Integrating media
  2. How to train adults for vocational instruction
    • Teaching critical thinking skills
    • Working memory management principles
    • Teaching architecture
      • Receptive
      • Directive
      • Guided Discovery
      • Exploratory
  3. Ethics of training
    • How to teach ethics & morals
      • Golden Rule
      • Relationship management
      • How to determine values
    • Why ethical failures occur
    • How to prevent ethical failures
  4. Business management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing
    • Writing business plans
    • Managing people & time
    • Executing plans
    • Finance
    • Pricing for Profit
  5. Advanced building science
    • Advanced structures & systems management of:
      • Water
      • Air
      • Heat
      • Indoor air quality

To document Option #2, please complete the Verification Form found here: Trainer Continuing Education Verification. The verification form must be submitted with the renewal form after courses were first approved by RESNET. Please also attach a certificate of completion, attendance, or receipt of payment.

Not sure if your course(s) qualify for RESNET Trainer CEUs and/or need to contact RESNET for prior approval of course(s)? Please email laurel@resnet.us with pertinent links, description of the course(s) and how the course(s) fit the criteria listed in Option #2.