It Will Now be Easier to Track RESNET Pending Standards Amendment Status – RESNET Posts New Pending Standard Amendment Status Tracking Page

April 19th, 2018 - Posted by under RESNET News

A key function of RESNET is setting the standards for quality of HERS ratings.
A key feature of the credibility of RESNET’s standards is the transparency of RESNET’s standard development process.
In the past it has been difficult to follow the progress of the various standard amendments.
To resolve this issue, RESNET has posted a new “Current RESNET Pending Standard Amendments” page.
The page allows one to track:
  • Title and Link of Pending Standard Amendment
  • Standard Amendment ID #
  • Date of Latest Action on the Proposed Standard Amendment
  • Status of the Proposed Amendment
The new page can be viewed at Current RESNET Pending Standard Amendments.
The page is located on the RESNET Professionals web site under “Pending Standards Amendments” at the bottom of the page. See highlighted area below.
The standards amendment tracking page will be updated on a monthly basis.

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