Ensuring the Practical Knowledge of HERS Raters- RESNET Proposes Standard Amendment to Enhance the Process for the Instruction, Assessment and Certification of HERS Rater and Rating Field Inspectors

April 23rd, 2015 - Posted by Laurel Elam under RESNET News

Across the nation the RESNET HERS Index Score is fast becoming a mainstream in the housing market. Homebuilders are having their homes energy rated and are marketing the HERS Index Score of their homes. Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are incorporating the HERS Index Scores in their listings and code jurisdictions are recognizing a HERS Index Score as a building energy code compliance option. With the increased visibility of the HERS Index Score, RESNET is obligated to ensure that HERS Index Scores are as consistent as possible.

This need has been made more important with the International Code Council adopting an Energy Rating Index option to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

RESNET has embarked on a comprehensive effort to enhance the consistency of HERS Index Scores nationally.  This includes the upgrading of its quality assurance standards and procedures.

A key component for ensuring the consistency of the HERS Index is a robust process for the instruction, assessment and certification of HERS Rater and Rating Field Inspector candidates.

RESNET is proposing a set of amendments to its candidate certification process.  Major elements of the proposed changes are:

  • Redefined and made rational the instruction, assessment, certification and re-certification of Rating Field Inspector (RFI) and HERS Rater candidates.
  • Moving all probationary field ratings to be under the Rating Quality Assurance Provider.  It is the QA Provider who has the vested interest in a well-qualified HERS Rater.
  • Clarified the relationship between instruction and certification of RFI and HERS Rater candidates.  This is intended to bridge the current gap in the responsibilities between Rater Training Providers and HERS Quality Assurance Providers on the assessment of HERS Rater candidates.
  • Redefined the role of a Rater Trainer to be a Rater Instructor and created a Rater Candidate Field Assessor that is responsible for oversight of candidate probationary ratings.
  • Changed HERS Rater recertification requirements by removing Professional Development and replacing with field testing.
  • Written CAZ test will be eliminated completely for RFIs and rolled into the new Rater exam
  • Improvements to HERS Rater Professional Development requirements that ensures up-to-date field experience and an understanding of the latest trends in the HERS industry.

The proposed amendment is posted at Proposed Amendment to Chapter 2 of the RESNET Standards

RESNET is undertaking a vetting process with the HERS industry of the proposed amendment prior to submitting the proposal to the formal RESNET standards public review and comment process.

To submit your comments click on RESNET HERS Industry Vetting Comment Online Form

Comments are posted real time and you will be able to review comments that were submitted by clicking on Comments Submitted on RESNET HERS Industry Vetting

Comments will be only accepted that have been submitted through the online comment form.

Please read the entire document before marking up changes.  This will ensure your understanding of our entire thought process in these changes to Chapter 2.

When you review the draft amendment it may appear at first that some items may appear missing but they have actually been enhanced in a different part of the chapter.

The industry vetting comment period will be open until May 30, 2015.

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