RESNET Releases Video of Las Vegas Event Commemorating the Milestone of Over 2 Million Homes Being HERS-Rated

November 28th, 2017 - Posted by under RESNET News

RESNET is currently commemorating the milestone of over 2 million homes being HERS-Rated across the country.

RESNET has partnered on our celebration with EnergySmart Builder KB Home, for a series of educational events for the real estate industry on how the energy performance of a home is tested and to showcase KB Home’s energy efficiency with live demonstration events of a HERS rating in progress.

A three and half minute video has been produced that marks the milestone of over 2 million homes being HERS-Rated. The production includes comments from Steve Baden of RESNET and Jacob Atalla of KB Home and shows what is involved with a HERS Rating. The video is posted at Las Vegas 2 Millionth Home HERS-Rated Event.

So far, RESNET and KB Home have hosted these events for construction management students, real estate agents, appraisers, code officials and the media in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Denver, with the help of the HERS Rating Companies of Energy Inspectors and EnergyLogic and TopBuild.

We will continue to share pictures and highlights of the events with you over the coming weeks.  There are more planned events in 2018 and we are taking notes, so we can provide others with tips on how to host these events in your markets as well.

For RESNET, these two million HERS ratings mark the acceptance of the HERS Index Score as the gold standard for home energy performance, recognized by the housing industry, code officials, utilities, government and the energy efficiency industries.

But most importantly, these two million HERS ratings are about you. We couldn’t have met this milestone or the many more to come without your hard work as HERS Raters, Providers, and EnergySmart Builders across the country. And for that we congratulate you.

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