RESTalk EP20: “Earning HERS® Points for Quality HVAC Design and Installation” with Dean Gamble and Wes Davis

March 4th, 2019 - Posted by under RESNET News

HVAC systems usually consume a large chunk of the energy in any home.

So, it follows that optimizing HVAC systems can lead to lower home energy consumption, hence a lower HERS score/better HERS rating.

But how are points awarded for a better-quality HVAC design and installation?

Is there are a better way than nameplate information?

Listen in as we chat with Wes Davis (ACCA) and Dean Gamble (EPA Energy Star Homes Program) as they discuss why the ANSI/RESNET 301 standard is being created and the lessons learned that resulted in the development of that standard.

A major goal here is to significantly re-unify the process of doing a HERS rating and earning the ENERGY STAR.

We will discuss the current status of development, as well as the expected implementation timeline.

Heads up: Raters may need a few more tools and training in this extension of their work, yet efforts are being made to the standard, maximizing flexibility of execution. You’ll also hear about a new, non-invasive system test for HVAC systems.

Visit to take a listen.

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