Amendment Standard Editorial Corrections

Standard Editorial Corrections

Proponent: RESNET Board of Directors

Proposed Changes:

SECTION WRITTEN RATER QUALITY CONTROL PROCESS – AMEND AS FOLLOWS: Review of ratings conducted during the raters’ probation period. Prior to certifying a Rater candidate, the provider shall review at least three five probationary ratings performed by the Rater candidate within 12 months of training.

SECTION DATA SUBMITTAL – AMEND AS FOLLOWS: Data Submittal Upon RESNET’s request, a provider shall submit to RESNET the number of homes for which ratings/tax credit verification were provided since the last data submittal. The ratings/tax credit verification shall be identified by type (to include projected and confirmed ratings for new and existing homes and the number of homes verified for tax credits). To the extent RESNET makes this information public, it will do so only in an aggregated form. All HERS® providers shall maintain an electronic database of Information for each home rated or verified for the tax credit. The minimum content of the database is:

SECTION RATING RECORD KEEPING – AMEND AS FOLLOWS Rating/Tax Credit Verification Recordkeeping. Providers and/or their certified Raters shall maintain records for each rating/tax credit verification. The record for each rating/tax credit verification shall be maintained for a minimum of three years.


303.5.1.1 Internal heat gains (“IGain” in Btu/day per dwelling unit) from lights, people and equipment of
IGain = 17,900 + 23.8 * CFA + 4,104 4,140 * Nbr


There are several occasions where there are inconsistencies in the standard. These amendments editorially corrects these inconsistencies.