Amendment TECH-2005-07: Ceiling Fan Ratings

Ceiling Fan Ratings

Proponent: RESNET Standing Technical Committee

Proposed Changes: Definitions for Labeled Ceiling Fan, Labeled Ceiling Fan Standardized Watts (LCFSW) and Standard Ceiling Fan are added (Section 302). An additional sub-clause (303. is added to the Lighting and Appliances section (303., specifying the energy use values that are to be used for the “standard” ceiling fan, the manner is which the ENERGY STAR ceiling fan label is to be used to determine rated fan energy use, and how each of these are to be applied to energy uses and internal gains in both the Rated and the Reference Homes.

Justification: Due to the availability of ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans, this proposal adds them to the list of lights and appliances that are rated in the expanded score methodology. Ceiling fan data from Ecos Consulting measurements done for EPA to establish EPA Energy Star Ceiling fan qualification criteria is used to establish the “standard” ceiling fan wattage, and “Energy Star Program Requirements for Residential Ceiling Fans: Eligibility Criteria – Version 2” is used for establishing rating criteria for labeled fans.

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