Draft PDS-03 MINHERS Addendum 66f, CO2e Index

Addendum 66f amends the MINHERS Chapter 3 to add criteria for the calculation and labeling of the CO2e Index. The addendum identifies data and establishes criteria for calculating and reporting the CO2e Index necessary for software providers to revise their HERS Index rating software. Development of the CO2e Index rating utilizes current Minimum Rated Features and does not require additional data to be collected by raters.

An interim version of Addendum 66, (66i), was adopted by RESNET and is currently in effect to allow software providers to begin revising their software. The final version of Addendum 66, (66f), provides additional clarifications and other minor changes to 66i. Reporting the CO2e Index will be Voluntary until January 1, 2023.

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