Draft PDS-02 of proposed MINHERS Addendum 50: HERS Modeler

Proposed Addendum 50 amends the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards (MINHERS), Chapter 2 to add criteria for a new certification category, the HERS Home Energy Modeler. This new certification category was authorized by the RESNET Board of Directors with the intent of improving consistency in the modeling of homes for HERS ratings. Certification requirements include training and demonstration of proficiency in the use of accredited HERS Software Tools.

RESNET Standard Development Committee 200 revised draft PDS-01 of proposed Addendum 50 in response to public comments received during the first comment period. The changes to draft PDS-01 are shown in draft PDS-02 with strike through and underlined text in red print. Comments will be accepted only on the text shown with strikeout/underline and in red print.

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The public comment period will be open for 30 days beginning October 29, 2020 and ending November 27, 2020.