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Draft PDS-03 of proposed Addendum 32f: Amendment Effective Dates, Transition Period and Publication

Proposed Addendum 32f establishes the permanent amendment implemented by interim Addendum 32i that is currently in effect. The Addendum amends the MINHERS® Chapter 5: to be consistent with the RESNET Standards Development Policy and Procedures for Non-ANSI Standards; to establish a biannual schedule for the effective dates of amendments to standards; to provide for a transition period before compliance with amendments is mandatory, and; to require continuous updating of the MINHERS® as it is amended.

The first draft, PDS-02, of proposed Addendum 32f was submitted for public comment then revised to create the third draft, PDS-03. The changes to draft PDS-02 are indicated by strike through/underline in red text in draft PDS-03. To review and comment on the Draft follow the links below.


Comment on Draft PDS-03, MINHERS® Addendum 32f

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Comments will be accepted only on the changes to draft PDS-02 indicated by the strike through/underlined red print text in draft PDS-03. 

The public comment period will be open for 30 days beginning September 26, 2018 through October 25, 2018.

After the comment period, RESNET Standard Development Committee 300 will consider and document each of the comments submitted and make appropriate changes. Any substantive changes to draft PDS-03 will be provided to the public for comment. When there are no more substantive changes the proposed final amendment will be submitted to the RESNET Standard Management Board for final approval.