RESNET HERS® Rating Code of Ethics

OCTOBER 2, 2017

Statement of Purpose

The accredited Rating Providers (Providers) and Accredited Rater Training Providers (Providers) of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) are committed to providing quality and professional service to their customers and the public. This Code of Ethics sets forth principles and rules of conduct enforced by RESNET through specific procedures contained in its Accreditation Standards. This Code of Ethics is a national minimum standard applicable to all accredited RESNET Rater Training Providers and RESNET Rating Providers their Raters and their representatives. The RESNET Code of Ethics represents minimum ethics requirements. As such, it may be augmented by additional ethics code requirements as required by an individual Rating Provider, Training Provider, or by any other authority under whose jurisdiction rating or training services are being provided.

Principle 1: Professional Conduct

  • Raters/Providers shall commit to objectivity and neutrality in conducting a rating and in making any recommendations.
  • Raters/Providers shall not engage in any conduct that is detrimental to the reputation or the best interests of RESNET, the profession or service.

Principle 2: Representations of Services and Fees

  • Raters/Providers shall make no representations regarding their services or qualifications that are false or misleading in any material respect.
  • Raters/Providers shall fully disclose all applicable charges, as well as the general scope and deliverables of services, prior to conducting a home energy rating or providing other services.

Principle 3: Conflicts of Interest

  • Raters/Providers shall not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one interested party for the same service without the consent of all interested parties.
  • Raters/Providers shall inform their clients that they have the right to obtain competitive bids for any work recommended by the rating they provide.
  • Raters/Providers shall not allow an interest in any business to affect the results of the rating.