BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-2014, Addendum B-201x PDS-03, Innovative Design Requests, to standard ANSI/RESNET 301-2014, Standard for the Calculation and Labeling of the Energy Performance of Low-rise Residential Buildings Using the HERS® Index

This proposed standard is undergoing the standard development public review and comment process required for proposed American National Standards. Interested parties are encouraged to comment. Public comments on the proposed changes to the second public review draft, PDS-02, as indicated by strike/underline text in draft PDS-03 will be accepted until October 5, 2015. Only comments made through the online system will be accepted.

After the comment period, the RESNET Standard Development Committee will consider and document each of the comments submitted and make appropriate changes. Any substantive changes will submitted for public comment. When no further substantive changes are made to the proposed addendum it will then be submitted to the RESNET Standard Management Board for final approval and publication.