2021 3 Million HERS® Rater/RFI Recognition

In honor of achieving over 3 million HERS-rated homes earlier this year, we invited RESNET Providers and Rating Companies to nominate HERS® Raters and Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) who have gone above and beyond to help reach this #3MHERSandCounting milestone.

During this week of gratitude, please join us in thanking and congratulating those nominated below.

Noah Hanley, Southern Energy Management

Nominated by Emil De Jong

Noah not only sees the value of our services from a homeowner perspective with comfort, durability, and efficiency being the obvious benefits. He also understands, and more importantly, promotes, the value of our services on a much grander scale highlighting both the human and global health benefits from healthy and efficient HERS-rated homes.
He meets builders where they are but always with the intent of making their homes more efficient and better. Specifically, Noah leverages tax credit programs to encourage our clients to build better.
Noah’s leadership also benefits our entire Builder Energy Services team. Noah is always bringing up challenges in the field which promote discussion on best practices for achieving the most accurate test results and documentation practices. This has helped countless other raters navigate unfamiliar scenarios with ease.

Craig Jurgens, Energy Inspectors, LLC

Nominated by Cassandra Trester

Goes the extra mile to educate construction managers on the critical areas for a successful project HERS® testing
Shows up early to ensure time in schedules when problem-solving is a must. Helps answer questions with the team, and builder clients.
Learns each builder clients’ strategies for air sealing and mechanical ventilation and ensures the team is ready for the plan type they are testing.

Aaron Martin, PEG LLC

Nominated by Jamie Dovell

Aaron’s advanced technical aptitude comes with years of experience of being an RFI then a HERS® Rater. He willingly shares his knowledge with other team members, especially during the new hire training process, to add strength to the team.
Aaron has been a HERS® Rater for 5+ years. His years of service combined with his unwavering technical fortitude to do his inspections with the utmost quality shows a level of commitment that deserves to be recognized.
As a Senior Field Engineer, Aaron knows that a good leader is always learning and obtained additional certifications (NGBS, HVAC Grading) that enable him to contribute more to the team by assisting in training and performing above code inspections.

Jonathan Rapavi, Home Energy Performance LLC

Katie Henderson (Efficient Home LLC)

Jonathan is committed to the Home Energy Ratings industry. A great example of this is his willingness to make sure ratings inspections are scheduled for each home at the proper time. Many times, this requires repeated check-ins, extra phone calls, and even site visits. Jonathan’s commitment perseveres through all these obstacles.
Jonathan is willing to figure out what is needed to get ratings done and go above and beyond his responsibility in the team to coordinate what is necessary to get a rating completed. This may mean checking in with subcontractors, builders, or others for scheduling, process development, and training.
Jonathan spends the time building relationships with the key stakeholders in the building process for each client to understand these educational needs and provide resources to overcome these.

Bryan Wiggins, Quality Built

Nominated by Stewart Soleman

Bryan always gives 110% to the project. When someone has a question, he is always there with an answer.
He will always take on new projects no matter what his workload, and is willing to work way past hours to get the job done.
Bryan leads by example and is always positive and encouraging.