RESNET is an ENERGY STAR Home Certification Organization

Since 2007 RESNET has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an ENERGY STAR Verification Oversight Organization (VOO)In 2020, EPA finalized a comprehensive update to its oversight recognition structure and changed its terminology from VOO to Home Certification Organization (HCO). EPA has recognized RESNET as the first ENERGY STAR HCO.  

Obtaining the ENERGY STAR Certification for Homes 

As an HCO, RESNET is approved by EPA to run an ENERGY STAR Home Certification Program. This program leverages the RESNET network of more than 2,500 certified HERS® Raters and Rating Field Inspectors across the U.S. RESNET provides quality assurance oversight of ENERGY STAR certified homes through its network of nearly 100 accredited Quality Assurance Providers 

If you are a HERS® Rater interested in certifying ENERGY STAR Homes, you must first take an ENERGY STAR Homes training through a RESNET Accredited Training Provider. Access the list of accredited training providers here. Additional information about Energy Rating Companies participating in the ENERGY STAR program can be found here 

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Stay up-to-date on ENERGY STAR’s Program Requirements by visiting their website 

Use of the ENERGY STAR QA Checklist for File and Field QA Review 

As part of RESNET’s agreement with ENERGY STAR as a Home Certification Organization and in accordance with MINHERS® Section 906, RESNET has the authority to enforce quality assurance requirements for third-party energy efficiency programs. Effective immediately, the ENERGY STAR QA Checklist is to be used for all field and file QA reviews on ratings participating in that program. This is in addition to RESNET’s own required QA checklist. The ENERGY STAR QA Checklist can be found here 

Complaints about an ENERGY STAR Certified Home 

Certified RESNET HERS® Raters subscribe to high standards of quality and ethics in their rating services. RESNET has adopted a complaint resolution process to address compliance complaints of a rater’s services. RESNET has also developed a formal complaint process in conjunction with the U.S. EPA to respond to situations in which homeowners have concerns about the ENERGY STAR certification of their home. 

The RESNET complaint resolution process only covers activities specified in the RESNET Standards. Please also review EPA’s Purview when Responding to Homeowner Complaints Regarding ENERGY STAR Certified Homes before submitting a complaint regarding an ENERGY STAR certified home. 

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