RESNET Speaker and Presentation Guidelines

In order to present the highest quality learning experience for participants and to comply with anti-trust laws, RESNET requires that all conference presenters refrain from the following:

  • Do not use your presentation as a sales pitch for your specific products or services. In your introduction you can explain your company. However, remember that this is a learning experience and not a commercial.
  • Do not discuss or show the prices your company will charge customers, even if they ask. Please review RESNET’s Antitrust Policy for more information.
  • Do not discuss or show discounts, terms, or conditions of sale, warranty terms, profits or profit margins, shares of the market, bids or the intent to bid, rejection or termination of customers, sales territories or markets.
  • Do not discuss administrative or disciplinary action by RESNET against a particular member, or enforcement of RESNET’s Code of Ethics.
  • Do not propose or discuss any proposal or engage in any activity, which is intended to have the effect of producing an adverse economic impact onany competing companies in the industry.

A moderator will be present during your session to ensure that guidelines are followed. Reported violation of the RESNET Speaker Agreements can result in the speaker(s) no longer allowed to submit session ideas and/or present at the RESNET Conference.

Speaker Agreement
Please review the RESNET Speaker and Presentation Guidelines *