Variable QA Pilot Application

Please complete the application below to apply to participate in the Variable QA Pilot- Deadline April 15th

Variable QA Pilot Application
Providers must remain in good standing and must have no administrative probation over the previous 12 months, as well as no disciplinary probation or suspension against them for the previous three years.
Providers shall commit to “blind” or “ride-along redo” field QA reviews on a minimum of 25% of the total required annual field QA (≥25% of the required 1% field QA reviews). Specifically, this ≥25% is not done as part of the Rater’s/RFI's initial final visit to the home. The Rater/RFI may be present in the home, provided their initial test results have already been submitted. Compliance will be demonstrated via field QA reporting.
Provider uses an automated QA/data analytics system to evaluate rating files for accuracy and/or errors. Automated QA/data analytics system must be reviewed and approved by RESNET Staff. RESNET Staff review of automated QA/data analytics system can be accomplished through Provider demonstration showing RESNET Staff the user (input) side of such systems through a GoToMeeting (or other video/screenshare platform) which would not require RESNET Staff to be given full access to the application or any back-end programming.
Each Rater/RFI performing pre-drywall inspections must receive at minimum one (1) pre-drywall field QA annually. This may be done remotely, following the RESNET Remote QA Protocol. Compliance will be demonstrated via field QA reporting. Raters and RFIs that work on 100 or less registered ratings or inspections on an annual basis are exempt from this requirement.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB