RESNET Policy on Quality Assurance of Ratings

One of the most critical roles of accredited rating providers is undertaking quality assurance review of their certified raters= ratings. RESNET is striving to create greater national consistency among accredited rating providers in meeting the rating quality assurance procedures. To achieve this goal the RESNET Board of Directors has adopted a policy statement on rating quality assurance.

The policy statement adopted by RESNET is:

“It is the policy of RESNET that each rating provider shall institute a systematic approach to field inspections. This approach shall ensure that in new construction ratings, complete information regarding all the rated features, as projected from plans and specifications, flows from the plan evaluators to the field inspection and testing personnel, to ensure that the home as-built completely corresponds to the projected rating. This approach shall also ensure the flow of information from the field back to the plan evaluators (and ultimately to the responsible certified rater) whenever a discrepancy or anomaly is found.

Further, it is the policy of RESNET that each rating provider’s quality assurance process shall include a review of this process, and documentation that this information exchange takes place.

Finally, it is the policy of RESNET that the field component of the Quality Assurance process shall include a complete review of all the rated features in a home, including verification of surface areas and dimensions as well as all the rated features, as documented by an independent inspection.”