February 22-24, 2010
Hilton North Raleigh Hotel
3415 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

Presenters whose names are blue and underlined have links to their presentations

Sunday February 21

REM/Rate Advanced Users Workshop
Presenter: Rob Salcido, Architectural Energy Corporation

NAHB Research Center Accredited Green Verifiers for the National Green Certification Program Training
Presenters: Bob Hill, NAHB Research Center

HERS® 101
Presenter: Abe Kruger, Kruger Sustainability Group

WaterSense® New Homes Certification Provider Training
Presenter: Kim Wagoner, Eastern Research Group

Monday February 22, 2010

Conference Registration
7:00 a.m. – Grand Ballroom Foyer

Continental Breakfast – Exhibits Open
7:30 – 8:30 a.m. – Grand Ballroom

Opening General Session

Steve Baden, RESNET

The Role of Building Performance in Addressing the Global Climate Challenge
Donna McIntire, United Nations Environmental Program

Time of Sale Labeling of Homes
Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center

Invisible Energy – Strategies to Recover the Economy and Save the Planet
David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council

ENERGY STAR Awards Presentation
David Lee, Environmental Protection Agency

Session 1
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Combustion Safety & Testing: Do No Harm (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Rich Moore, Invisible Energy

Closed Crawl Spaces at the Extremes: Measured Performance in Cold and Hot/Humid Climates (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: Maria Mauceri, Advanced Energy

Air Infiltration Prevention – What the Test Results Showed
Presenter: Robert Hill, National Association of Home Builders Research Center

Moving Rater Quality Assurance Into the Future – RESNET’s Proposed Changes (2 Back-to-Back Sessions)
Presenter: Daran Wastchak, D.R. Wastchak and chairman of RESNET Quality Assurance and Ethics Committee

Verifying LEED for Homes Projects: Calling all Green Raters!
Presenters: Jennifer Owens, USGBC and Beth Holst, GBCI

Infrared Thermography: Getting Started Successfully
Presenter: John Snell, The Snell Group

HERS® Raters & HVAC
Presenter: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Session 2
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Streamlining the Diagnostic Process (Building Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Rich Moore, Invisible Energy

Training for Work in Existing Homes- A New Model for Getting the Job Done Right! (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: John Tooley, Advanced Energy

How to Engage and Profit from the Retrofit Industry
Presenters: Dallas Jones and Sean Zobaa, Home Energy Team

HUD’s Energy Efficient Mortgage Initiative
Presenter: Michael Friedberg, HUD

WaterSense: Water-Efficient Homes, a New Era in Building Green
Presenter: Kim Wagoner, Eastern Research Group

Green Building: Past, Present and Future
Presenter: Don Ferrier, Ferrier Custom Homes

Teaching Adults Effectively
Presenter: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Tuesday February 23, 2010

Session 3
8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Home Performance Consulting: A Business Opportunity for Raters (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Keith Williams, Building Services and Consulting, LLC

Green Goofs: What Were They thinking? (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenters: Danny Gough of Energy Solutions and Andrew J. Courts, Jr. of North
Carolina Energy Partners (NCEP)

“Truth Behind the Walls” – Determining Insulation Quality Installation
Presenter: Peter Hopkins, United Infrared

Why Manual J is Just a Good Start
Presenter: Mark Hutchins, Conservation Services Group

Federal Retrofit Initiatives – What It Means to Your Business
Presenters: David Goldstein and Lane Burt, Natural Resources Defense Council

Set Yourself Apart: Get Green Certified to the National Green Building Standard
Presenters: Michelle Desiderio, NAHB Research Center and Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Savers

The Indoor airPLUS Technical Specifications: How to Rate It
Presenters: Eric Werling, Environmental Protection Agency and Casey Murphy, ICF International

A Rater’s Primer on How to Write a Scope of Work
Presenter: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Session 4
10:30 a.m. – Noon

How to Determine a Fair Price (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Mike Gorman

Whole-House HVAC Skills for Raters & Inspectors (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: David Slater, Stream Residential Air and Energy Experts

Air Flow – The Hidden Moisture Mover
Presenter: Steve Easley

Testing the Energy Analysis Tools of Existing Homes: BESTEST-EX Update by NREL
Presenter: Dr. Marcus Bianchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

COMNET: Supporting Existing Commercial Building Energy Rating Systems
Presenters: Cliff Majersik, Institute for Market Transformation, David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Lane Burt, Natural Resources Defense Council

ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes 2011 Spec Training: Overview of New Specifications and Compliance Procedures
Presenters: Sam Rashkin, Glenn Chinery and Zak Shadid, Environmental Protection Agency

90% Energy Code Compliance – A Dream Role for Raters
Presenter: Mike Barcik, Southface Energy Institute

Ethics in the Industry
Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Session 5
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Marketing in a Down Turn (Building Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Mike Gorman

Growing From HERs to Multi-Program Green Verification (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenters: Dona Stankus, NC Solar Center, and Leigh Scott, HBA of DOC

Principals of Residential Ventilation and Their Role in New and Existing Homes
Presenter: Paul Raymer, Heyoka Solutions

Streamlining Energy Analysis by Standardizing Assumptions and RESNET Occupied Homes Software Task Force and Working Group
Presenters: Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center and David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council

Texas Home Energy Audit Program
Presenter: Tom Fitzpatrick, Texas HERO

ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes 2011 Spec Training: Completing Systems: HVAC
Presenters: Dean Gamble, ICF International and Ted Leopkey, Environmental Protection Agency

IECC: How to Meet the Requirements and How It Impacts Home Ratings
Presenter: Chunlin Cao, The Dow Chemical Company

Performing Quality Assurance
Presenter: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Session 6
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Frontline Communication 101: Conveying Home Performance Benefits (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Keith Williams, Building Services and Consulting, LLC

Success with ENERGY STAR for Home Energy Raters (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: Kristi Matthews, Advanced Energy

Conducting an Infrared Inspection Using the New RESNET standard
Presenter: John Snell, The Snell Group – Snell -2 –IR Standard Article

RESNET National Energy Audit Standard – Update
Presenters: Lee O’Neal, CGE Solutions, Inc, and Dallas Jones, Home Energy Team

The Pros and Cons of Foam vs. Batt for Interior Basement and Crawl Spaces
Presenter: Dan Tempas, The Dow Chemical Company

Habitat for Humanity – Sustainability Initiatives and Progress
Moderator – Janet McIlvaine, Flordia Solar Energy Center
Presenters: Kevin Gobble – Habitat for Humanity International, Thom Philips – Michigan Sustainable Specialist, Ed Brown – Washington State Sustainable Specialist, Andy Bell – Alabama Sustainable Specialist

The Evolving Relationship Between Energy Codes, Beyond-Code Programs, and Home Energy Ratings
Presenters: Z. Todd Taylor and Dave Conover, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Real-time QAQC – A Continuous Program Improvement Mechanism
Presenter: Steve Ellison, ICF International

Wednesday February 24, 2010

Session 7
8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Estimated Energy Savings That Work (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenters: Casey Murphy, Dale Hoffmeyer, Environmental Protection Agency and Patricia Plympton, Navigant Consulting, Inc

“ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES: Predictions, Performance and Real-World Results” – What Can We Learn from 160,000 Houses in Houston? (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: Shaun Hassel, Advanced Energy – Copy of Study

Energy Audit Tricks and Techniques
Presenter: Mark Lidd, BareToes LLC

Finding a Home for Independent Raters
Presenters: Steve Byers, EnergyLogic; Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Savers; Doug Walter, Energy and Environmental Rating Alliance

Roundtable on Energy Guides for Homes: Where are We Going? Who’s Doing What?
Moderator – Steve Baden, RESNET
Panel Members: Richard Faesy, Vermont Energy Efficiency Corporation; Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center, Diane Ferington, Energy Trust of Oregon; Sean Penrith, Earth Advantage; and Greg Thomas, Performance Systems Development

Air Sealing: The Impact on Home Rating and Energy Savings
Presenters: Kate Johnson and Chunlin Cao, The Dow Chemical Company

Be Careful What You Wish For: Opportunities to Support Stimulus Grantees in Using ARRA Funds Effectively
Presenter: Bill Prindle, ICF International

Session 8
10:30 a.m. – Noon

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: Today & Tomorrow (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Chandler von Schrader, Environmental Protection Agency

Performance of Revised Duct Design, Save Money and Cool Customers (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenters: Bruce Eugene Davis, Jeff Tiller, Sean Gray, and Porras -Appalachian State University, Energy Center

Update on RESNET National Building Registry
Presenters: Steve Byers, Chair of the RESNET Building Registry Task Force and Randy Martin of R.L. Martin and Associates

Air Leakage Testing: Quicker Easier & Funner
Presenter: Colin Genge, Retrotec Energy Innovations Ltd.

Introduction to the New RESNET Standard for Performance Testing
Presenters: Lee O’Neal, CGE Solutions, Inc.; Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Savers, Inc; and Rogge Miller, Guaranteed Watt Savers, Inc.

The Proposed Home Star Program
Presenters: Efficiency First – Home Star Call to Action

What Every Rater Needs to Know About Insulated Siding
Presenters: Pat Culpepper, Progressive Foam Technologies, and Tim Holt, Progressive Foam Technologies

The State of Green Real Estate and Where the Next Opportunities Are
Presenter: Dr. John Beldock, EcoBrokers

Session 9
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Growing Your Business with BPI (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Track)
Presenter: Larry Zarker, Building Performance Institute

Upcoming North Carolina Residential Code (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: Chris Mathis, Mathis Consulting Company

Realizing the Full Potential of HERS® Ratings
Presenters: Glenn Pease and Eurihea Speciale, Southface Energy Institute

Insiders Tips on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge: Building and Differentiating High Performance Homes in a Competitive Marketplace
Presenters: Edward Pollock, U.S. Department of Energy and James Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC

Infrared Business Tips & Insight
Presenter: Jay Bowen, Infrared Training Center

EEMs & EIMs – The Next Generation
Presenters: Allison A. Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard; Geoff Ferland, EcoLend; and Charlie Brister, Frontier Energy Services

Building Performance and National Energy Legislation
Presenters: Steve Baden, RESNET and Lane Burt, Natural Resources Defense Council

The New Partnership: Auditors and Real Estate Professionals
Presenters: Candace Lightner, REALTOR, Energy Smart Real Estate Specialist, and Lee O’Neal, CGE Solutions

Session 10
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

The Role of the German Passivhaus Standard in America
Presenter:Katrin Klingenberg, Passive House Institute US

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in NC (North Carolina Energy Star Track)
Presenter: Brian Coble, Advanced Energy

Using Fully Automated Energy Audit & Energy Rating Systems
Presenters: Ken Riead, Hathmore Technologies, LLC and Sharla Riead, Accurate Rater Network

Advanced Lighting: The Next Energy Frontier
Presenter: Jeff Schwartz, ICF International

Lessons Learned- ENERGY STAR 2011 Pilot Program
Presenters: Mike Berry, Steve Ellison, and Geoff Hartman, ICF International