Rater Professional Development

In order to recertify as a Home Energy Raters one of the following professional development requirements must be completed every three years:

  • Attend a RESNET approved conference once every three years to meet 18 hours of professional development OR
  • Complete 18 hours of RESNET approved professional development from a RESNET Accredited Training Provider every three years.
  • Attend HERS Modeler Professional Development course(s) offered by a RESNET Accredited Training Provider. Each course shall be reviewed and approved by RESNET Accredited Software Provider(s) for which the course is being offered. The HERS Rater must complete professional development once in a three year period for each RESNET Accredited Software program with which they create HERS models. The hours completed as part of this requirement shall be included as part of the required 18 hours of professional development.
  • HERS Raters who have not completed any Confirmed, Sampled, or Threshold ratings within the three-year certification period shall successfully complete one RESNET graded-field evaluation overseen by a RESNET certified Candidate Field Assessor or Quality Assurance Designee, in addition to satisfying either or and

Courses approved for Home Energy Rater professional development can be found here.