RESNET Quality Assurance Designee Agreement

RESNET® Quality Assurance Designee Agreement

This Quality Assurance Designee Agreement dated January 1, 2024 (“Effective Date”) governs the certification by RESNET® of Quality Assurance Designees (“QAD”) under the operative Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Standards (“RESNET® Standards”), which are fully incorporated herein, in effect during the Agreement Term as defined below. This agreement shall commence on January 1, 2024, and continue until December 31, 2024, unless otherwise terminated as set forth herein (the “Agreement Term”). Each RESNET®-certified Quality Assurance Designee shall adhere to the requirements for certification and quality assurance further contingent on the QAD complying with those requirements as they may be altered or amended from time to time with notice to the QAD. This commitment to fulfilling all obligations of a Quality Assurance Designee is critical to the RESNET® structure that has been established to deliver Home Energy Ratings (“HERS®”) to the marketplace. As a RESNET® Quality Assurance Designee, as a condition of certification I agree to abide by the RESNET® Rating Code of Ethics and the following:

All QAD responsibilities in chapter nine of the RESNET® Standards to include:

Provide thorough Quality Assurance reviews to ensure that QA Providers submit accurate and compliant files to the RESNET® Registry.

Complete the minimum number of QA File and QA Field reviews for a Rating Quality Assurance Provider as required by these Standards.

Maintain higher knowledge of RESNET® Standards to mentor RESNET® Raters, RFIs, and Providers.

Serve as a liaison between RESNET® and Rating Quality Assurance Providers, assisting with the following:

  • Confirm that Rating Quality Assurance Providers are informed of all changes to the RESNET® ANSI and non-ANSI standards.
  • Querying RESNET® on behalf of QA Providers if interpretive questions arise about technical or administrative issues regarding ratings.
  • Ensure that Rating Quality Assurance Providers are properly following all RESNET® technical and administrative requirements set forth in these Standards or stipulated in formal interpretations issued by RESNET®.
  • On behalf of RESNET®, ensure that Rating Quality Assurance Providers are properly enforcing disciplinary actions for Raters/RFI's and/or adhering to any disciplinary actions imposed on a Provider by RESNET®.
  • Maintenance of quality assurance files;
  • Field and file reviews of registered ratings.
  • QADs must report all significant non-compliance by a QA Provider to RESNET® when it becomes known to the QAD so that RESNET® may assist the QAD in working with a QA Provider to come back into compliance.
  • To the extent feasible, Quality Assurance Designees shall assist the Rating Quality Assurance Provider and RESNET® with notifications to known clients when any Rating Quality Assurance Provider, QAD, Rater, or RFI have their accreditation or certification revoked or suspended.

General Responsibilities For Primary Quality Assurance Designees

The Primary QAD shall have ultimate responsibility, on behalf of the QA Provider, for fulfilling the requirements listed below and shall be the single point of contact to RESNET® regarding all Quality Assurance matters.

Continuous maintenance of quality assurance files, including:

  • Field and File Quality Assurance reports;
  • Records of QA findings, corrective action and discipline;
  • Oversee the certification of new Raters and RFIs through their probationary period;
  • Reviewing the QA Provider’s compliance with the items on the Annual Rating Quality Assurance Provider Report checklist annually for the purpose of verifying a QA Provider’s compliance with the individual requirements for QA Providers set forth in the RESNET® Standards;
  • Provide an attestation to the accuracy of the Field and File Quality Assurance reports and the records of QA findings, corrective action and discipline, for inclusion in the Annual Rating Quality Assurance Provider Report.
  • The Primary QA Designee may, at his or her discretion, delegate the work required to create and maintain the items listed in 905.5.1 to other Quality Assurance Designees working for the Rating Quality Assurance Provider. However, the responsibility for the completion, accuracy and reporting of these items may not be delegated and remains with the Primary QAD.
  • The Primary QAD shall work with the QA Provider to jointly decide on appropriate disciplinary action for raters, HERS® Modelers, and Rating Field Inspectors based on the QA Provider’s policy and procedures manual.