RESNET Rater Instructor Agreement

RESNET® Rater Instructor Agreement

This Rater Instructor Agreement dated January 1, 2024 (“Effective Date”) governs the certification by RESNET® of Rater Instructor under the operative Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Standards (“RESNET® Standards”), which are fully incorporated herein, in effect during the Agreement Term as defined below. This agreement shall commence on January 1, 2024, and continue until December 31, 2024, unless otherwise terminated as set forth herein (the “Agreement Term”). Each RESNET® certified Rater Instructor shall adhere to the requirements for training and testing; and continued certification is contingent on the Rater Instructor complying with those requirements as they may be altered or amended from time to time with notice to the Rater Instructor. This commitment to fulfilling all obligations of a Rater Instructor is critical to the RESNET® structure that has been established to deliver Home Energy Ratings (“HERS®”) to the marketplace. As a condition of Rater Instructor certification, I agree to abide by the RESNET® Rating Code of Ethics and to the following:

Uphold the security or integrity of any RESNET® certification tests. These examinations and the items contained therein are the exclusive property of RESNET®. RESNET® Testing materials, questions, or simulation scenarios are not to be copied, distributed, or viewed outside of the proctored testing environment in accordance with RESNET’s® Test Proctoring Guidelines.

Ensure that the Accredited Training Provider is using accurate training materials and curricula which is up-to-date with the RESNET® Standards.

Ensure compliance with the RESNET® Test Proctoring Guidelines.