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Amendment TECH-2005-01: Discontinue Use of the Classic HERS® Score

Discontinue use of the “Classic HERS® Score”

Proponent: RESNET Standing Technical Committee

Proposed Changes: This change requires the deletion of definitions referring to the Classic and Expanded HERS® scores (Section 302), deletion of all references to Classic and Expanded HERS® Scores in the body of the Standards (various Sections) and deletion of the equations used to calculate the Classic HERS® score (Section 302.2).

Justification: Originally RESNET considered making the expanded score the only rating method. However, due to concerns raised by EPA, it was made optional and it appeared that the only score that would be accepted for ENERGY STAR was the “HERS® Classic” (using only heating, cooling, and water heating end uses). Because EPA has committed to use the Expanded score as its ENERGY STAR performance path, we propose that the Classic HERS® score should not be used; rather, that the expanded score replace the existing HERS® score. Not only would the use of two scores create confusion in the marketplace, but the “Classic” score would not represent the “old” score at all–only the new reference home applied to the old end-use calculation of heating, cooling and water heating–so instead of a “new” and “old” score this would actually introduce a third, different score into people’s thinking. This proposed change has already been moved and accepted by the RESNET board.

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