Draft PDS-02 MINHERS® Addendum 71f, SEER/HSPF2 Conversions

A new rating method has been adopted by the US DOE for air conditioners and heat pumps. The new ratings, currently referred to as SEER2 and HSPF2, represent performance in a different manner than the SEER and HSPF used in HERS® software. Therefore, it’s necessary to establish a set of conversion factors for HERS® Index calculations to be done correctly.

Addendum 71 was initiated as a normal (not time critical) addendum and public comment was solicited on draft PDS-01. Comments received on draft PDS-01 resulted in consultations with additional entities developing conversion factors, the results of which were put in place by Interim (time critical) Addendum 71i so they could be incorporated into rating software by January 2023. Draft PDS-02 Addendum 71f includes the changes to the draft PDS-1 proposed conversion factors that are in the interim Addendum 71i and finalizes the addendum as required by RESNET’s Standards Development Policy and Procedures.

The public comment period will begin January 5, 2023, and end February 3, 2023. Comments will only be accepted on changes indicated by strike through and underlined text in red print in the file.


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