Draft PDS-01, MINHERS Addendum 73f, Remote Proctored Exams (Comment opens May 30, 2023)

RESNET adopted interim Addendum 73i, Remote Proctored Exams, to make the pandemic practice permanent before it expired June 11, 2023, one month after the federal emergency declaration expired. Interim addenda must be submitted for public review and comment to establish a final version. Interim Addendum 73i is submitted as draft PDS-01 Addendum 73f for review and comment.

Comments will be accepted only on text in draft PDS-01 shown by strike-through and underline and in red print. To review and comment on the Draft follow the links below. The public comment period begins May 30, 2023, and ends June 28, 2023.


To review the draft addendum click on Draft PDS-01, MINHERS Addendum 73f, Remote Proctored Exams

To submit your comments, click on “SUBMIT COMMENTS HERE” below.

Comments are posted in real time and you will be able to review comments by clicking on “VIEW COMMENTS HERE” below.

The public comment period opens May 30, 2023 and ends June 28, 2023

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Tips and Reminders for Submitting Public Comments 

  • Comments must pertain to text in draft PDS-01 that is shown as either strikethrough or underlined and red print. Comments on portions of draft PDS-01 where no change is indicated will be rejected.
  • Comments should include a specific proposed change to the text of the draft open for comment. Proposed added text must be underlined and text proposed to be removed must be shown using strike-through. If not submitted in this format, the public comment may be rejected.
  • Do not submit comments on standards other than this one that is out for public comment.
  • If you submit public comment representing the collective interests of a group of stakeholders, you are encouraged to submit ONE public comment and identify all stakeholders in that comment. While not required, this expedites the ability of the committees to respond to commenters in a timely manner.
  • Public comments are reviewed by committees with volunteer members, that are Raters, Providers, Software Developers and other industry and public interest stakeholders. They are not reviewed by RESNET Staff.
  • Most amendments to RESNET standards are proposed by industry and public stakeholders not RESNET. To learn more about submitting proposed amendments visit this page: https://www.resnet.us/about/standards/submit-proposed-amendments/