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2012 RESNET Building Performance Conference Offers ENERGY STAR Version 3 Track

Jan 19, 2012

On January 1, 2012 fundamental changes has taken place with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes Program. Version 3 of the program requires a whole new set of requirements that builders must meet and a new set of checklists that home energy raters must complete. EPA will be present a series of sessions that will provide a first hand opportunity to get abreast of the new requirements. Sessions will include:

  • ENERGY STAR in 2012: the Team, the Spec, and the Value Proposition – ENERGY STAR Track Session – Presenters: Dean Gamble and Jon Passe, EPA, ENERGY STAR for Homes Team
  • Home Energy Rater Essentials for Version 3 – ENERGY STAR Track Session – Presenters: Jennifer James and Jake Titus, ICF International

Builders need – and expect – a lot more from Home Energy Raters under Version 3. Successful Raters effectively sell the value of the ENERGY STAR program and help their builders get up to speed smoothly. This session for new and prospective Raters will focus on the basics of Version 3: what the guidelines cover, how they help builders be more competitive, and how new builders can get started. Raters will leave this session better able to explain the guidelines and help new builder join ENERGY STAR and build qualified homes.

ENERGY STAR Version 3 Builder Leaders Panel Discussion – Panelists: Jacob Atalla, KB Home; Kreg Connor, Centex-Pulte, Central Texas; CR Herro, Meritage Homes; Travis Pate, Texas Classic Homes; Bill Stegall/Keith Anderson, NVR

Many builders have made a public commitment to qualifying their homes under Version 3. This session, facilitated by EPA, will feature several builders who have committed to ENERGY STAR in 2012. Presenters will discuss their rationale for staying with the program and how they successfully transitioned to the new ENERGY STAR guidelines.

Getting the Home Envelope Right: The ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure and Water Management Checklists – Presenters: Rick Gazica and Charlie Haack, ICF International

This session from EPA will highlight the most intricate details within the Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist as well as the Water Management System Builder Checklist. Builders and Raters who are already familiar with the Checklists will better understand the value of these specific requirements as well as options for complying with them.

Marketing to Homebuyers: Capitalizing on the Compelling New ENERGY STAR Value Proposition – Jonathan Passe and Brian Ng, EPA ENERGY STAR for Homes Team

By building homes to the new ENERGY STAR Version 3 requirements, builders have a more compelling message to share with consumers than ever before. Learn how EPA is integrating these messages into new and improved marketing materials that builders can use with prospective homebuyers. This session will review ENERGY STAR’s consumer messaging platform, explain how it was developed, and showcase some of the new collateral pieces available for ENERGY STAR partners in 2012.

Critical Details in the HVAC System Quality Installation Rater Checklist –Presenters: Dean Gamble EPA, ENERGY STAR for Homes Team and Steve Saunders, Tempo Air

This session from EPA is designed for Raters and builders who are already familiar with the Checklist requirements. The session will not provide an overview of all requirements, but will instead focus on specific details that have triggered significant feedback and questions from partners. Attendees will leave this session with a clearer understanding of the intent and value of each detail and be better prepared to address misconceptions and mistakes that they may encounter in the field.

Case Studies in Coordination: ENERGY STAR Partners and HVAC Contractors Working Together to Ensure Success – Panelists: Greg Cobb, Sonoran Air, Inc.; Mike Mancini, Meritage Homes; and Daran Wastchak, DR Wastchak

The new ENERGY STAR program requirements mean that builders, raters, and HVAC contractors need to work together throughout the construction process. This panel presentation will highlight the experiences and perspectives of ENERGY STAR partners who have teamed up with their HVAC contractors to ensure a successful experience building ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes.

ESv3 from a Raters Perspective – Presenter: Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic

We have moved through the transition period and have a few months under our belts under the full requirements of the ESv3 program. What went well or is going well? What problems are we seeing? How many Builders actually continued with the program and what are they saying on both sides of the equation. What ideas are there for maintaining and growing the market? Does linking with Energy Star still make sense for your company?

ENERGY STAR for Multi-Family High Rise Buildings – Presenter: Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates

EPA recently finalized guidelines and processes for multi-family high rise buildings to earn the ENERGY STAR. Learn about how you can participate as a Rater and hear case studies about some of the buildings that were qualified in the pilot phase of the program.

The 2012 RESNET Building Performance Conference is a not-to-miss event.