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2017 RESNET Building Performance Conference to Feature Forum on Utilities and HERS® Software Programs

Feb 16, 2017

Utility energy efficient homes programs are increasingly using HERS® raters for verification of the performance of homes.  A recent report published by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) found that a majority of utility new homes programs rely on HERS® ratings for compliance verification. It is critical to utility new homes programs that the calculated savings meet public utility commission criteria.  Utilities require that the energy savings calculations are accurate and consistent.

A trend in the HERS® industry is that new HERS® software programs are being accredited by RESNET.  Utility program managers have been hesitant in approving the new software programs accredited by RESNET.

This issue is critical to resolve as the demand for HERS® ratings increase and to maintain the credibility with program sponsors.

A special feature of the 2017 RESNET Building Performance Conference is an open forum for utility program sponsors, HERS® software developers and HERS® rater to discuss the issues and explore possible solutions.

The session will be moderated by Matthew Christie of TRC and Nancy St. Hilaire of the RESNET Board of Directors.  Panelists will include Dave Roberts, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Cy, Kilbourn, Ekotrope and Christopher Dymond, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

The 2017 RESNET Conference offers a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about this important issue.

RESNET has posted the listing of core conference sessions along with a description of each session and each session’s presenters.  To download the listing of sessions, click on 2017 RESNET Conference Core Conference Sessions

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on the latest information and network with the leaders of the home energy rating and building performance industry.

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