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2022 Reflections with RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden

Jan 4, 2023 General


It is time to take stock of what 2022 had in store for the HERS® industry and RESNET. The year brought many challenges, but it also revealed how resilient and adaptable our community is. Despite the anxiety over the U.S. economy, the number of homes HERS® rated increased in 2022 over the 2021 record-breaking year. Despite the economic uncertainty, it is inspiring to see how the residential new construction community continued to drive energy efficiency in 2022.

2022 saw our organization and industry in sound health as demonstrated by:

• Steady Demand for HERS® Ratings – Over 335,000 homes were HERS® Rated in 2022 (surpassing the record-breaking homes that were rated in 2021)

• RESNET in Sound Financial Footing – Despite the challenges RESNET was able to meet its 2022 budget without government funding. RESNET has been able to meet the demand for its services and expand its activities without the need to increase fees in a time of inflation

• RESNET Properly Managed – Received clean bill of health from its annual independent financial audit

Notable accomplishments that were achieved in 2022 include:

• Surpassed the 3.6 million homes HERS-rated milestone

• Passage by Congress of the Inflation Reduction Act that reformed the 45L Tax Credit and included a 10-year extension of the credit

• Passage by Congress of the Veterans Home Energy Savings Act will qualify more veterans and service members to purchase energy-efficient homes

• RESNET launching the new RESNET Carbon Index®

• Large national production builders using their homes’ HERS® Index Scores as part of their ESG reporting

• Mortgage back securities green bond market for single-family energy-efficient Homes based on HERS® Ratings taking off

• KB Home becoming the first national homebuilder to commit to RESNET HERSH20® and EPA’s WaterSense program in drought-stricken Arizona, California, and Nevada

• RESNET approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Home Certification Organization (HCO) for the California ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program

• RESNET prevailed in federal court on the enforcement of RESNET Standards

As we reflect on 2022, we cannot do so without acknowledging Jerry Thatcher, founder of Energy Diagnostic Homes. Jerry was an early visionary and pioneer of the HERS® industry. He passed this year, but his legacy at RESNET will live on.

We continue working toward his vision with these and other achievements, which will be covered in the soon-to-be-released 2022 RESNET Annual Report. We could not achieve these notable gains without the contributions of the HERS® Raters and Providers, builders, strategic allies, program sponsors, and the RESNET network.

Together we achieved much in 2022 to celebrate, but the team at RESNET is not content to rest on its laurels.

Looking forward, I’m energized by the opportunities ahead. The strategic priorities adopted by our Board lay the groundwork for 2023 and beyond.

The RESNET priorities for 2023 are: