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2023—On Pace to be a Record Year for HERSH2O® Ratings

Sep 6, 2023 GeneralProvidersRaters


Water efficiency ratings are picking up steam. RESNET®’s HERSH2O® whole-house water efficiency rating program is on pace to increase more than 60 percent over 2022 numbers. Nevada has the most Ratings this year, followed closely by Arizona, then California, and Colorado.

One of the driving forces behind HERSH2O® Ratings is the ability of builders to achieve the WaterSense Labeled Home Certification. RESNET® is a WaterSense Home Certification Organization and HERSH2O® is a WaterSense Approved Certification Methodology.

By achieving a HERSH2O® score of 70 or less and installing WaterSense-labeled toilets, bath faucets, and showerheads, builders can achieve the WaterSense Label for Homes. Builders are also utilizing their HERSH2O® Ratings for environmental and sustainability reporting as well as local incentive programs.

Want to start offering water efficiency ratings?

Certified RESNET® HERS® Raters and Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) can start offering HERSH2O® Ratings and the WaterSense Label for Homes by taking the online HERSH2O® Rater Training on the RESNET® Training Portal. This certification also allows Raters and RFIs to be WaterSense Home Verifiers. More than 300 HERS® Raters and RFIs have already been certified.

To learn more about HERSH2O®, visit: https://www.resnet.us/about/hersh2o/