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3 Ways to Make Your Appliances More Energy Efficient

Jun 16, 2020

Being an energy-efficient homeowner not only is good for the environment, but it can also save you a lot of money. Besides purchasing energy-efficient appliances, there are a few ways you can be energy-efficient with what you have. Plus, being energy efficient makes your appliances last longer anyway.


In addition to using your appliances efficiently, it’s important to protect your appliances if they break. You may want to consider purchasing a home warranty plan for quick fixes and long-lasting appliances.


To learn more about how to make your appliances energy-efficient, read the tips below.


Use the correct settings

To save energy, you need to always use the correct settings and sizes on your appliances. For example, don’t use a burner on your stove that is too large for a pot, as that can contribute to wasted energy. On other appliances, make sure they are set to the correct setting for use as well. By using the wrong settings, such as a heavy-duty setting for a light load on a washing machine, you can easily waste a lot of energy. These settings are in place for a reason, so don’t think they are there just for show.


Don’t overload

Never overload your appliances. While you may think you are getting more done by putting as much into your appliances as you can, it actually hurts your appliances in the long run. The more often you overload your appliances, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, the harder the appliance needs to work to keep up with your loads. Over time, this uses a lot of energy and can make your appliances shorter-lived.


Clean properly

Frequently cleaning your appliances can also help them be more efficient and long-lasting. But, this doesn’t mean just wiping down the interior and exterior of the machine. You should be cleaning out any vents, filters, and other parts of the appliance. By doing this, you allow for proper ventilation and function of the appliance, which saves energy. You should also replace any over-used filters as well. To learn more about properly cleaning your appliances, check out some helpful resources. 


By making your appliances more energy-efficient, you can do yourself and the environment a lot of favors. There are no downsides to keeping your appliances in good working condition. The better you take care of your home, the better it will work (and save you money). Hopefully these tips help you save money and make your appliances last longer!